The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world.

The Alabaster Offering is received each September and February. It began in 1948 and is modeled after the sacrifice of the woman who anointed Jesus' head with expensive perfume poured from an alabaster jar. (Matthew 26:6-13)

How do you picture $100 million? Do you see an acre full of pennies that you could run through? Or maybe a million $100 bills bundled and fit neatly into briefcases? Or how about just a very large total on a bank statement? Let me suggest another picture for you to consider, imagine 900 churches and others projects around the globe built over the last 60+ years using mainly spare change. If you can imagine that then you can begin to understand the importance of the alabaster offering. This is an offering that truly includes everyone.

Alabaster Box

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Alabaster boxes can be purchased from NPH

Offerings from local churches should be sent to the general treasurer.


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