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Some general info regarding W&W.  We have a fellowship hall with a full kitchen and seating for about 50 to eat at tables. The fellowship hall has a full bathroom and an office space. There is also Wi-Fi in the fellowship hall. There is air conditioning but no heat yet.

Many of those who come to help will sleep in the church building on the floor, cots or pews. There are restrooms in the church, heat and air conditioning.

Many have tented this last year and there is plenty of room for tents.

We have 2 – (50) amp hook ups for RVs and a macerator pump with hose for use.

We restored the outdoor bathhouses so there are 2 showers a restroom and hot water for each gender – the doors lock as well.

The pastor and 3 Chihuahuas live in the parsonage and there should always be floor space for sleeping if necessary.

We have a pet friendly campus provided pets are cleaned up after and no one is at risk of harm.

Three miles west is the Chesapeake Bay with a public area of beach and the ability to fish, kayak or play in the water. Shoes are needed at all times here.

Chincoteague Island and Assateague Island with the wild ponies and a lovely lighthouse are not far from us as well as Kitopeake State Park and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel about an hour from us.

Fresh seafood is readily available at several local seafood stands.

We frequently have campfires with fellowship, music and s’mores.

It is a lot of fun to volunteer at Community Church in Bloxom!


We would like to provide a safe place for the teens of the community to hang out, watch movies, play games, learn hobbies and be mentored by Godly adults. Currently there is no community center or place for teens to go and therefore, I am told, they go out and drink.
We envision a basketball court as well as a sand volleyball pit, a picnic pavilion and a safe fire pit for bon fires. We would love to see the tabernacle used again for revivals, hymn sings, youth concerts, and retreats. This property has so much potential and a rich holiness history, it is such a shame that it has fallen into disrepair.

The list of projects is long but not too much for our Lord to make happen. J Some projects we have materials for and we have a lot of equipment as well.

The church roof was in very poor shape and leaked quite a bit. Now that the roof will be finished in a couple weeks we need to repair the inside of the church. The ceiling has been falling down and the ceiling wood is rotted and needs repaired. Due to the leaking over the years, the floor in that area has buckled and needs repaired. We would like to remove the old furnace grates on the floor and cover those holes as well. There is painting to be done around windows outside and the slats on the bell tower. A good power washing is greatly needed and the back handicapped entrance porch painted.

The tabernacle needs restored so that we can start having hymn sings, revivals and such. There is a church in Pa. thinking of having a men’s retreat in Bloxom but we need the tabernacle worked on for that.  The needs in the tabernacle are as follows:

·         New electric wiring

·         Some roof supports rotted. 

·         A good cleaning of inside and all benches.

·         Painting of the platform

·         New crush and run stone on the floor.

·         A handicapped platform build for wheelchairs, there is an extra wide door on the side for a handicapped entrance.

·         There are 3 screen doors need to be replaced but all are custom sizes so they may need to be built.

·          Several sections of screen need to be replaced.

·         Power-wash roof of moss

We need to bring in some dirt to fill holes and other issues on the grounds, some stone for the driveway and to fill some big potholes in the drives.

We have tree stumps to remove because they keep growing little forests around them, and still a large portion of property to clear of brush and weeds and such. Someone – unknown who – came recently to bush hog the back of the property and did a lot of it fairly well, but the ground is very soft so they tore up some huge ruts and holes that will have to be filled as well.  We have several dead trees that need to come down before they cause a bigger problem and at least dead branches removed to make it a little safer.

We have one more condemned building to tear down and remove and a portion of the one already torn down awaits a roll off dumpster to go in.  The shed we remodeled for the grass cutters and such has the roof tarped because it was leaking a lot.

The parsonage has the whole upstairs gutted. Needed are one full and one half bath, flooring, drywall and windows in the 6 bedrooms. A heat pump for the upstairs and new electric upstairs. Right now the upstairs is closed off.


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