Nazarene educational institutions around the world are training preachers, teachers, evangelists, nurses, and vocational and lay leaders. This education is essential to the success of evangelistic efforts. Please remember the students, faculty, and their staff in your prayers.

The main activity for this month's emphasis is prayer. The prayer map lists every Nazarene educational institution by region.

Here are two ways you can help your congregation pray for every Nazarene educational institution in the month of July.

1.) Assign a region to every church group or ministry.

For example, ask the children's workers to have the children pray for the Africa region. This can also be a great time for lessons on the global church family and/or missions. Children can learn about Africa, the global family of God (including the Nazarene church), and missions while praying for Nazarene schools located in Africa.

The men's group can pray for the USA/Canada region while the ladies' group prays for Mesoamerica region. Don't forget the youth! Work with youth leaders, and assign them a region.

There are countless ways to split up the regions by your church's groups and ministries.
You know your church best; use what works for you and your congregation.

2.) Locate a Nazarene School         
World Map

Purchase, or print, a large world map. Then create a card for every world area with some basic information about that school including at a minimum the school name and location. Provide that card to an individual or a family along with a thumb tack or an 'arrow' sticky note. Invite that individual, family, or group to find that location on the map and place the thumb tack on the location or arrow pointing to the location. (Be sure to make cheat sheet for yourself first!) When the location is found, the individual, family, or group will retain the card and commit to pray for that school throughout the month of July.

This can be done before service, during a missionary meeting, or during small group (Sunday School) class time. This activity will allow everyone to see the Nazarene schools spread throughout the world, and will allow every school to be prayed for during the month of July. Be sure, if possible, to leave the map up throughout the month.

Other promotional ideas can be found here. A list of contact individuals for each school be found here.

If you would like to including giving as a part of the emphasis at your church, you can include an offering for the International Student Scholarship Fund.
The NMI International Student Scholarship Fund (ISSF) assists students in need who attend campus-based Nazarene theological schools in world mission regions, so their education can be completed as debt-free as possible. More information on the International Student Scholarship Fund can be found here.

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