Missions is a top priority for the Church of the Nazarene. Actually, it is Priority One!

What is Mission Priority One?

MPO has goals that help churches accomplish two things: 

   1. Increase church members' passion for God's mission.
   2. Assist churches in taking the message of Christ to the world.

Every church, regardless of size, can be a MPO (Mission Priority One) church.

The requirements to be a MPO church are simple.
Local Mission Priority One requirements are:
1. The church prayed for missions.
2. The church discipled and involved children and youth in local and global missions.
3. The church gave at least 5.5 percent of current income for the WEF.
4. The church participated* in each of the four education categories that follow:
    a. NMI missions books/tapes/CDs
    b. Missions service projects and/or hands-on missions activities
    c. Missions speakers
    d. Multimedia missions resources and/or missions publications/communications
* "Participate" is defined as involvement in one or more activities in each category.

Helpful suggestions for achieving MPO status, along with ways to promote the MPO emphasis, can be found here

Your district point of contact for MPO is Mary Guizar - meguizar3@msn.com
Mary Guizar