Thanksgiving Offering

The Thank Offering is for the World Evangelism Fund (WEF). Traditionally, WEF is collected through two large offerings each year—the Thanksgiving and Easter offerings.

There are countless ways to promote the Thanksgiving Offering in your local church.

1.) Draw, or print, a turkey a turkey with many feathers and place it somewhere in the church. A few weeks before the Thanksgiving Offering, pass out a plastic turkey feather to everyone in the congregation. Ask them to take the feather home as a reminder to pray about Thanksgiving Offering and to ask God what He would have them to give. When they feel they know what God is asking them to give to the offering they are to bring the feather back and tape/glue it to the turkey. As the turkey feathers spread, it is representative of how the offering is used to spread the Word of God to all nations.

2.) A lot of money is spent Thanksgiving week. There's all the money spent on the feast, but there is also Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Money. Why not include a Sacrificial Sunday? What are we willing to sacrificially give to God in the Thanksgiving offering in order to spread the gospel to every nation?

Additional Promotional Ideas, along with clip art and PowerPoint slides, for the Thanksgiving Offering can be found on the Global NMI Thanksgiving Offering page.

Sue Brown is the district point of contact for more information or questions regarding the Thanksgiving offering.
Sue Brown Her e-mail is sbrown23111@gmail.com.